Investment System to Boost Your Stock-market Returns
* Protect Your Wealth – Ensure it is in Cash before the Next 50%+ Bear Market *
* Grow Your Wealth – Ensure all Cash is invested when the Stock-market is Rising Strongly  *
100% Safe & Secure. We never share or sell your information.
SPA3 Investor is an off-the-shelf, low-effort stock-market Investment System with a one-of-a-kind exit & re-entry strategy that works.

It has a demonstrated real-money track record of growing portfolios by more than double the median returns of Balanced Super Funds by buying and selling large-cap household-named stocks on the ASX.
SPA3 Investor is a Rules-based Investment System that Gets Reproducible Results – You Can Achieve Them Yourself.
Like these Members personally tell us themselves…

Rigorously Researched System

Structured & Efficient Process

Competent & Profitable Investor

Get an Evidence-based EDGE with a Real-money Track Record
of Selling Your Stocks in Time…
Up until now, chances are...
  • didn’t have an objective call to action to SELL in the COVID-19 Crash in March 2020 and weren’t 90% in cash by 3 March, like all our Members who followed the SPA3 Investor exit signals - see Westpac & Bluescope examples below
  • are always overly worried about when a big Bear market like 2008, 2002, 1987 or March 2020 occurs because you know how damaging it is losing 20% to 50% of your wealth
  • have an SMSF and often have too much cash sitting on the sidelines – uncertain and hesitant about a big fall in the near future – and underperform when the stock market rises strongly
  • don’t have an objective process to determine when to BUY back into the market after big falls
  • have allowed the opinionated ‘noise’ from financial journalists, newsletters, brokers and TV commentators to keep you out of the market when it rises, and in the market when it falls
  • have to spend hours researching, analysing and using gut-feel to decide which stocks to buy – yet you still experience large losing positions
But your life experience tells you that you should…
  • ...make unemotional and objective buying and selling decisions
  • cool, calm & collected with a prepared Plan that guides what YOU do, no matter what the market does
  • ...not have to spend hours researching and analysing which stocks to buy and when (this takes no more than 15 minutes week with SPA3 Investor)
  • ...ALWAYS predefine your risk before taking a position to know EXACTLY in advance when to sell so that you NEVER have a large losing position again
  • ...allow the highly profitable positions in your portfolio to run their course and not sell too early
  • ...engage the game and embrace risk to become skilled and competent, because spectators don’t transform, they watch others grow and mature
Get A Structured System & Plan
SPA3 Investor – a fully researched near-passive Investing System with clear Buy & Sell signals.
Average trade length is 5.5 months
Get Trained on the Tools & Processes To
Execute SPA3 Investor

How to start then continue your investing journey. A comprehensive online education and training portal.
Technical Analysis & Portfolio Management software. Your questions answered promptly – unlimited SUPPORT.
Improve Returns & Protect Against a Crash
Smash Your Existing Returns from +- 7.5% p.a. to 15%+ p.a. over the long term.
Risk Management to cash-up before big market falls accelerate – like 2008, 2002, 1987.
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SPA3 Investor Helps Investors take Decisive and
Precise Actions in the Stock Market
Have questions? Call 1300 STOCKS
SPA3 Investor Gets You Into Cash in Falling Markets
and Into the Market When it Rises…
Like these Members personally tell us themselves…
SPA3 Investor Helps Investors take Decisive and
Precise Actions in the Stock Market
Portfolio Management Software and Processes -
All The Research And Systemization Done For You

SPA3 Investor’s systematic process provides returns such as shown by the green line alongside.

The green equity curve (daily plotted portfolio value) of the real-money live-executed portfolio has achieved an annualized return of 17.05% to 24 March 2020, since 1 January 2016.

Compared to the ASX200 Accumulation index of 1.72% and ASX200 of -2.6% annualised return, over the same period.

SPA3 Investor has been stress-tested on 1000s of historical trades to determine its investing EDGE, based on probabilities.

The EDGE is programmed into our homegrown technical analysis software to display buy and sell signals on the chart of the stock/ETF.

Scans are run on the universe of stocks to display buy or sell signals for any given trading day. And in the Share Wealth Smartphone APP.

Be Supported And Guided While You Outperform

SPA3 Investor is backed by unlimited support from our responsive team and access to our comprehensive education portal.

SPA3 Investor comprises Method, Mindset and Money to skill you in all facets of self-directed investing.

You also get to attend fortnightly Market Status and coaching webinars – live or recorded.

And Weekly Wraps of SPA3 Investor activity delivered to your Inbox every Monday morning.

Fall in love with your investing again.

Smash your current investing returns, over the long term.

Slash your current investing fees.


There’s NO RISK To You At All

SPA3 Investor comes with a 90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Try everything in SPA3 Investor, the:

 ✔   Beyond Charts comprehensive technical analysis software,

 ✔   Portfolio Manager software,

 ✔   mechanical Buy & Sell signals (CSL chart over 2 years),

 ✔   Share Wealth Smartphone/Tablet APP,

 ✔   integrated signal Scans,

 ✔   20 years of historical stock price data for ASX or U.S.,

✔    fortnightly Market Status & coaching webinars,

 ✔   unlimited Q&A, phone, LiveChat and email support,

✔    membership of The Blueprint to Wealth Investors Club,

…and if you are dissatisfied with the product, process or service simply ask for your money back.
What Others Are Saying About SPA3 Investor
“Follow the RULES and your expectations will be met.”
Graeme G.
Member since 24 December 2010
Likelihood of Recommending: 10/10
“Love the rigor and logic of the systems involved”
Mike S.
Member since 26 February 2002
Likelihood of Recommending: 9/10
“It is a well-structured and easy to understand trading system that everybody should be aware of.”
Mark F.
Member since 8 November 2018
Likelihood of Recommending: 10/10
“Clear logical easy to use system and excellent value for money.”
Adrian P.
Member since 10 June 2016
Likelihood of Recommending: 10/10
“Has helped me keeping my head above water financially in the stock market. Integrity and honesty.”
Allan L.
Member since 10 February 1999
Likelihood of Recommending: 8/10
“Actionable, accurate analysis leading to higher performance that I have personally witnessed!”
Geoff M.
Member since 14 August 2014
Likelihood of Recommending: 10/10
“It is a mechanical non-discretionary system which is proven to have an edge and is continually being improved with tested research. Also a high level of education on how to use the system for maximum success.”
Peter J.
Member since 24 February 2012
Likelihood of Recommending: 10/10
“… Previously, I would stress and worry about the markets when they were falling, Share Wealth Systems has removed that worry completely.

The system got me safely into 100% cash before the recent big falls due to the Corona Virus selloff. The calm I am experiencing during this selloff is appreciated!

I have come to learn this is where the Share Wealth Systems process pays for itself many times over - it gets me out of the market so I don't experience huge losses. Yet it will allow my ‘profits to run’ during the good times.

Therefore, I have my two major risks covered.  Firstly, the risk of losing huge amounts of my capital in a selloff is mitigated, and secondly, the risk of not taking maximum advantage of what returns the market has to offer.”
Rob P.
Member since 1 September 2009
Likelihood of Recommending: 10/10
“Just wanted to pass on my thanks to the whole team at SWS … I followed the system closely during the recent sell-off, and am 100% cash as a result. It’s so good to be acting with confidence & calmness.

What could otherwise very easily have been a very nervous time for me since 20 Feb is now a time of expectation & excitement re what is to come & the opportunities ahead, as a result of my having followed the system closely.

You guys are doing very good stuff, & I just wanted to say thanks.”
John V-J.
Member since 6 March 2019
Email correspondence 18 March 2020

“Every aspect of investing has been covered in an easy to understand process. It has helped me immensely and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone who is wanting to learn how to invest. Even my own kids. Many thanks to you all in putting this system together.”
Jeffrey S.
Member since 27 June 2014
Likelihood of Recommending: 10/10
 “I believe in your research and philosophy. You and your team are accessible to all of us. You and your team are always striving to improve your system. I know that if wanted to communicate with you personally that all I have to do is contact you.”
Boyd P.
Member since 8 April 1999
Likelihood of Recommending: 10/10
 “It is the best technical analysis based research, analysis and overall market information available, in my opinion.”
Keith L.
Member since 26 November 2010
Likelihood of Recommending: 10/10
What’s Inside SPA3 Investor?

Precise Sell & Buy Signals for Stocks & ETFs

Share Wealth Alerts APP for Smartphones & Tablets

Professional Portfolio Management & Technical Analysis Software

Scans, Watchlists, Workspaces, Saved Analyses, Indicators, Formula Scripting Language…

Fully maintained 20-year historical stock database for ASX, NYSE & NASDAQ

Live / recorded fortnightly Webinars on Market Status and Coaching

Unlimited Email & Phone Support for all your Questions

Access to the Comprehensive Share Wealth Education Portal

“I am a profitable trader. I am my own fund manager now, including my Super. I am staying above the curve. I feel confident. I would not be in this position without Share Wealth Systems. Thankyou.”
Wayne N.
Member since 31 August 2015
Likelihood of Recommending: 10/10
“I have used the software and process for many years and have found that the systems work. Above all, everything is transparent, which cannot be claimed by too many other products.”
Alan M.
Member since 21 January 1997
Likelihood of Recommending: 10/10
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What’s My Investment for SPA3 Investor?
How many $10,000s have annualised returns below 16.9% p.a. cost you over 4.3 years to 9 April 2020?

How would a one-of-a-kind sell & re-entry strategy that is deeply researched and completely objective
transform the way that you invest in the stock market?

How hesitant & doubtful do you feel about what & when to buy and when to sell?

Would you like to overcome the “noise” of the stock market and be a competent & skilled investor for the long-haul?

 Would you like to know EXACTLY when to cash-up before the next market crash accelerates – like March 2020 and October 2008?

Would you like to overcome the doomsayer ‘noise’ and remain invested while the market continues rising higher & higher?
Join the Share Wealth fold of profitable self-directed investors and become a skilled and competent stock market out-performer
Take control of growing & protecting your wealth by accessing this SPA3 Investor value
  • $75,000 profit ~ the real-money return on an $80,000 starting portfolio that the SPA3 Investor product has returned over 4.5 years
        o  This is the 16.9% annualised return achieved by the real-money 4.3-year "On-display SPA3 Investor portfolio" that Share Wealth Systems operates for all to see – from 1 Jan 2016 to 9 April 2020. Compared to the ASX200 Accumulation Index of 4.8% annualised return over the same period.
        o  The absolute dollar return will be higher or lower based on your starting portfolio size, and on how many years you run your portfolio
  • $2,497 value ~ A fully documented SPA3 Investor Investment Plan for near-passive investing
        o  Saving you multiple 100s of hours firstly of gaining the knowledge and then 10s of hours to actually write such a Plan
  • ​$997 per annum value ~ unlimited phone and email support from the Share Wealth team
  • ​$997 per annum value ~ fortnightly live webinars keeping you up-to-date with the markets and receiving up-to-date training & coaching
  • $997 per annum value ~ access to the comprehensive Share Wealth online Education Portal
  • ​$1,020 per annum value ~ daily stock market price updates
SPA3 Investor Includes Membership to The Blueprint to Wealth Investors Club
  • $1,250 value ~ Access to the complete 15-Module “How to Avoid a Mid-retirement Crisis” online course
  • $1,997 value ~ Nest Egg Alert calculations to show where your retirement’s headed – saving you hours & hours of researching this yourself
  • $1,997 value ~ A fully-documented “Wait & Win” passive Investment Plan to deploy in your Core Portfolio
Over $85,000 of SPA3 Investor value for only:
$1,895 AUD

*And ongoing membership of $85 per month or $900 per annum.

Steps to Know when to Sell, what,  when & How much to Buy
  • Buy SPA3 Investor
  • Use your unlimited support & coaching from the Share Wealth team and the online Education Centre to create YOUR customized INVESTMENT PLAN
  • Start executing your SPA3 Investor system to achieve 15%+ annualized returns over the long term
SPA3 Investor Quality Guarantee
  • Overcome confusion and doubt about when to Buy or Sell with a documented SPA3 Investor Investment Plan
  • No longer feel hesitant and uncertain about managing a stock market portfolio
  • Learn to become consistent, confident and skilled in the stock market
  • Transparent access to the Share Wealth real-money live-traded "On-display" Portfolios
  • Unlimited access to the Share Wealth Support Team by phone, email etc, forever…
  • Get a 100% Full Refund anytime within 90 days after purchase if you are dissatisfied with SPA3 Investor in anyway
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Questions That Other Investors Are Asking
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