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Trusted By Some Of the Industry’s Most Respected Experts:

“I believe that the nature and level of the research conducted by Share Wealth Systems (SWS) is unparalleled in the world of equities trading for private investors. Indeed, the quality and the comprehensiveness of SWS research have raised the bar for systems providers and money managers around the globe. This largely reflects the commitment of Gary Stone and his associates to the continuous quality improvement of the SWS methodology.”

Hank Pruden
Professor Hank Pruden, Ph.D, is Professor of Business and Executive Director of the Institute for Technical Market Analysis (ITMA) at the Golden Gate University, San Francisco. Hank is also the author of “The three skills of top trading”.
“Gary and the team at Share Wealth Systems possess an incredible wealth of knowledge on trading system design and development. They are constantly researching and innovating to find the most practical and effective approach to trading. As a result of this, their SPA3 trading system is accessible to all investors and incorporates some of the best research into trading methodology, risk management and portfolio management being done anywhere in the industry today.”

Carl Capolingua
Market Analyst - Think Markets. With nearly 20 years' experience investing privately and for clients, Carl has extensive expertise in investing equities, options, futures, foreign exchange and CFDs
“I was running Personal Investment magazine at the time in the mid 1990’s and we quickly found a spot for Gary and his stock-picking techniques. Over the years Gary has evolved his business and his skills, but his quest has always remained the same: allow individual investors to have the same tools and mindset as the professionals.”

Ross Greenwood
Sky News Business Editor, Ross Greenwood, has covered finance and business matters both in Australia and around the world for almost 30 years.
“It's been a pleasure to know Gary and his team for a number of years, both personally and professionally. Apart from offering a great product, they operate on a mandate of strong client support, stringent ongoing research and a strong willingness to help DIY traders achieve investment success within a strict risk management regime. Whilst investing manifests in different ways to different people, success in the markets unquestionably requires a mathematical edge and Share Wealth Systems (SWS) ensures their clients are on the right side of the expectancy curve.”

Nick Radge
Nick is a professional trader, educator and author who has been trading and investing since 1985. Nick consults to financial planners and accountants on trading and investment strategies for their clients and is the founder of ‘The Chartist’.
“I’ve known Gary Stone since the early 90s. Quite simply he is a trading systems design expert and I have every respect for the way he approaches the markets. Watching him help his clients become top traders has been one of the highlights of my trading career. The corner-stone of our friendship has always been our shared values regarding commitment to excellence in trading and our commitment to seeing our clients prosper.”

Louise Bedford
As one of Australia’s best-selling authors on the share market, Louise's books include ‘Trading Secrets’, ‘Charting Secrets’, ‘The Secret of Candlestick Charting’ and ‘The Secret of Writing Options’.