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WARNING: If you’re currently invested in any Managed Fund, the Results shown in Chapter 1 may make you feel queasy about how your retirement nest egg has forfeited so much growth, by an industry that feeds on trailing fees while slowing the growth of your saved monies.
Based on 27 years of investing research and experience...

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In Chapter 1 of my book you'll discover
  • How to Potentially Add Hundreds of Thousands of dollars to your retirement nest egg Long term
  • How Few Managed Funds actually outperform Long Term, if any
  • How to Make your Money Work Harder for You with Very Little Effort
  • How an Individual Investor has big advantages over the fund manager professionals in the Financial Markets
  • Why One Small Step in taking control can make a Massive Difference
  • How to Gain Confidence in Every Outcome and Avoid the Fear of Failure
  • How Diversification is a Far Bigger Growth Limiter during Rising Markets than it is a Loss Limiter during Falling Markets.
  • And a whole lot more...
In the eBook you'll discover
  • How to Avoid Large Loss Trades 
  • How to Make your Money Work Harder for You 
  • The Importance of Keeping your Powder Dry
  • What Investors can learn from McDonalds
  • Why the News is Killing your Portfolio
  • How to Gain Confidence in Every Outcome and Avoid the Fear of Failure
  • The Trick to Managing Short Term Market Volatility
  • Why One Small Step can Make all the Difference
  • And a whole lot more...
"Blueprint to Wealth" is a simple solution to quite a scary problem. Data released by global finance agency Standard & Poor's indicates that almost all traditional active mutual funds dramatically underperform the stock market index in every rolling 10 year period. The average active fund return can be worse by 2.5% to 3.5% per year compared to the stock market benchmark.  Don’t be fooled, the exact same thing happens in Australia and Europe.

“Undoubtedly the best book on investing I have ever read. The conversational style, with the author as a mentor replying to questions from an inquiring potential investor, works well and keeps the reader eager for the replies.”
—Dr_ Peter Van_Duren

“I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in a disciplined way of growing their wealth. Not only are his methods backed by research, experience and statistical evidence, but it all makes sense. It will serve as a great addition to the libraries of those just starting
out to invest as well as more seasoned investors.”

—Dr_ Randy Juanta

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