How To Grow Your Investments By Over $500,000 MORE Without Any Prior Investing Knowledge
By Beating Warren Buffett Even If You Only Have An Hour A Year Spare Time
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What if your investing efforts grew your wealth at a greater rate, increased your regular income like magic, and gave you the peace-of-mind and independence to enjoy your life worry-free?

Here’s a secret: It can.
Don’t you shake your head (I can sense your head-shake 😊).
Does any of this sound familiar?...
Working like crazy but your Nest Egg still won’t be enough?
You’re saving as much as you can for your retirement Nest Egg… but aren’t aware that if you’re saving less than 16% a year it just won’t be enough to last a comfortable and independent retirement, at least at the same level of lifestyle that you enjoy now! You want to know how to grow a big enough Nest Egg if you can only afford to save less than 10% a year…
Unsure how to protect your investments from the next stock market crash or recession?
You know that the next recession or stock market crash will happen – just not when, but how do you protect your Nest Egg and other investments when it comes? You think you’ve done enough by handing your money over to somebody else to manage, but have a gut-gnawing feeling that you haven’t seen evidence that it will definitely protect your money.
Confused by WHERE and HOW to allocate your investments?
You’re confounded by the all the choices of different investment instruments and how to use them. You keep seeing adverts on TV and on the internet for Crypto, Forex, Options, ETFs, Stocks, Mutual & Managed Funds and different retirement funds, but don’t know where they should fit into your investing spectrum, if at all, so you just defer to the social default - what everybody else does... You want to know if they do, to differentiate between Core strategies and Satellite strategies and how to be assured of a Nest Egg that will last your retirement years.
Is the worry of when to sell ALWAYS hanging over your head like the sword of Damocles?
The ever-present, never-ceasing, uncertainty of knowing when to sell consumes you with your open positions in the market, especially for when the next stock market crash comes… Ever had a large losing position? It just kept falling and you couldn’t bring yourself to sell because there was information you sourced that said it would come back? You want to know when to sell… unemotionally, objectively and consistently – BEFORE the next crash!
Or next large losing trade!
Buying “too early”, “too late” too often, rather than “on-time”?
Do you find knowing when to buy confusing? Too often you don’t buy at all, having been frozen into inaction through all the “noise” that surrounds the stock market. You want to know when to buy… unemotionally, objectively and consistently – BEFORE you miss out on a 20%, 50%, or even greater run-up in the market.
Too much money in some market positions and too little in others? 
Have you had a big winner that had so little money in it that it was hardly worth the win? Or a large loser that had so much money in it that it almost destroyed your portfolio? Or you had most of your money in cash for weeks or months too long when the market put on 10s of percent in growth?   You want to know how much to invest, and where, and when… unemotionally, objectively and consistently…
Losing your trust in financial institutions?
You worry that there are just too many fees being deducted from your investments. You find yourself asking, “how much will being fleeced by fees actually cost me over the long term?” And, “how much am I forfeiting by every diversified/balanced 410(k) and Super fund doing worse than the stock market index?”
You are retired and would like more income to reduce reliance on drawing down from your Nest Egg?
You worry that your Nest Egg won’t last and want to reduce your monthly drawdowns to preserve your Nest Egg? You are constrained by what you can do because your income in retirement is not sufficient to do the things you want to do? You have 2 or so spare hours a week and want to supplement your weekly income significantly by selling time in the stock market…
You are still working and would like more income (on the side that your boss wouldn’t disapprove of) to supplement you existing income?
Are you concerned that you might lose your income stream, for whatever reason? Or that your current savings rate won’t be sufficient for all the things you’d like to do, dream of or want to invest for? You have 2 or so spare hours a week and want to supplement your weekly income significantly by selling time in the stock market…
Did you raise your hand to any (or all) of the above? Good. You are SO in the right spot.
I want you to take a moment and imagine a
world where you could...
Dramatically grow your wealth in ONE hour per year.
Install and execute a “Wait & Win” investing process for years and decades that can even outgrow Warren Buffett - accepted as the world’s greatest investor via his Berkshire Hathaway company - and hence outgrow all 401(k)s, industry & retail Super funds and pension plans around the world, which nearly all do worse than the S&P500 Total Return Index over the long term.
The “Wait & Win” Strategy grew 11.5 fold while the S&P500 only grew 5 fold over the 23 years. That’s $645,000 more money from a $100,000 start…
There is no TIMING in this strategy whatsoever…
Safely protect your wealth in ONE hour per month.
Install and execute an investing risk management process for years and decades that protects your wealth by moving it into cash BEFORE severe stock market crashes happen.
There is near-passive TIMING in this strategy…

Genuinely stand out from the
investing herd.

You no longer defer your investing to the social default and invest rather with a go-to approach and strategies. Your family sees you as an investing leader and you rest your head each night knowing that you’re making a difference in your family’s long-term lives.

Continually grow and protect your wealth in a systematic, rules-based way that’s so simple anybody can do it.

Say goodbye to spending hours and hours on your own research, reading massive amounts of information and “noise", analysing company data or price or indicator movements on charts. You’ll experience consistent growth in your account balance by being objective and at peace with all outcomes.

Feel confident in
your strategy.

No more second guessing or spending hours on dead-end research. You know that what you're doing is efficient and effective and you have the numbers to prove it!

Have extra income nearly
every week.

Learn to manifest income from thin air with a starting bank so that you never have to ever worry about income again - ever. Whether you are still working or whether you are retired.

Stand for something, so you
won’t fall for anything.

Know where each investing instrument fits and whether it is relevant to you. No more knee-jerk reacting to emails and adverts for Crypto’s, Forex, Options, Stocks and ETFs! You’ll have a prepared and structured Plan that guides your every step to meet your deep-thought out investing objectives.

Know how to allocate your
investing capital.

You’ve achieved what most people aren’t willing to do: become or seriously considered becoming a self-directed investor by leveraging your capital and by acquiring knowledge and skills to rise above the crowd strategically and financially. By using the Core Satellite framework for investing.
Yep. This is for real…

Scott A., a customer, provided this feedback:

“I appreciate what you have provided. It has allowed me to retire at 50 and invest and live with confidence towards the future.”

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I want to introduce you to my secret weapon:
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The Blueprint to Wealth Investors Club is my step-by-step course and community where I’ll teach you two of the simplest and most effective Investment Plans, so you can stop spinning on that wheel of confusion and start growing your wealth and income rigorously, methodically and QUICKLY.

Discover the strategies I've taught to over 3,000 other investing students - strategies that will dramatically grow your investing knowledge, skills and confidence, fast.
This is the same investing process and system that I use to grow my own wealth.

And we have real-money investing proof to show you that they work and are handsomely profitable.
And the best part? I’ll give you bonuses as part of  The Blueprint to Wealth Investors Club to make this all easier and quicker to learn and execute.
  • Module 1:
    This first-up key module gets straight to the point and shows you not only how much of a Nest Egg you will need but how to calculate it yourself. In my many years as an investment coach I am amazed at how few people have actually done this calculation.  The learning in this module alone is worth many times more than the price of the entire course.
  • Module 2:
    This module breaks down the entire investing landscape into smaller understandable bite-size chunks and explains how to overcome some the emotional pitfalls that many investors experience. It sets the scene to hone in on where to start (and continue) a long-term investing journey, and why.
  • Module 3:
    This module covers the full spectrum of investable instruments that the everyday investor could possibly use; and their pros and cons. From Forex to Bonds. Fee-fleecing and its massive negative effect is covered in detail. And then steps you through a simple exercise that very few people ever do. Using the Yahoo Finance website, you will perform your first all-important benchmarking exercise of relative performance.
  • Module 4:
    Now we are getting into material where few everyday investors ever go. Mainly because they perceive it to be too hard. But it’s not when you have your hand held through the different investing timeframes and associated strategies. And their pros and cons. The insight you get here is a multi-year shortcut that is worth $1000s in saved effort.
  • Module 5:
    This module introduces you to investing systems, their massive process and mindset advantages over discretionary decision making, and the huge profit potential difference. The two investing strategies, “Wait & Win” and “15 Minutes a Week”, are explained here in detail. Including their differences, why you would use one or the other, or both, and their respective performances. The Core Satellite investing framework is introduced.
  • Module 6:
    It all comes together in the last module where everything you have learnt is brought together in detailed and documented Investment Plans. These Plans are worth their weight in Gold. All the hard work and heavy lifting has been done for you.
Trevor Lock, a recent course attendee, provided this feedback:
“My objective now is to get my two 30-something children to "move their legs" in the same direction before it's too late.

Your course should be a High School, University or College core/compulsory subject. It's what's needed by the "ordinary Joe" to get themselves on the right track to achieve a comfortable retirement and obviously, the sooner they start then the easier it'll be.”
Who is This Course For?
This online go-at-your-own-pace course is very relevant for you whether you are…

•    in the decade leading up to retirement,

•    already retired,

•    or even many decades from retirement.

    The “Wait & Win” Growth Strategy should be a part of the CORE portion of everybody’s long-term investing – it’s an absolute no-brainer. This is applicable to 20 somethings to 70 somethings, even newly born grandchildren.

    The “15 Minute a Week” Growth and Protection Strategy covered in Modules 5 & 6 is best used by those that want to significantly reduce SORRi – Sequence Of Returns Risk. Especially in the few years leading up to retirement and during retirement.

    The Income Strategy is best used by those who require additional income and have around 2 hours a week to analyse and execute the strategy. (Please be aware that the Income course is being revamped and finalised but everybody who enrols in the Investors Club after 1 October 2018 will get access to this essential training for no additional cost.)
    Hi, my name is Gary Stone.
    Let me take you back to what my investing was like BEFORE I discovered rules-based investing… and in the right investing instruments.
    It was 1995 and I had spent 5 years in the investing wilderness trying just about every way of analysing the stock market. I was confused by the sheer amount of investing choices and the merits of each. I had worked out that diversified and balanced funds would not provide sufficient growth to achieve a Nest Egg to last my retirement. I knew that I had to become a self-directed investor to achieve better than their average to poor growth.

    I consumed every book to do with investing that I could lay my hands on. Spending $1,000s in the process. And used my Computer Science and Mathematics Degree to program all sorts of algorithms. Spending 1000s of hours on research in the process. And $1000s more at the “school of hard knocks” in the stock market.

    In 1998 I released my first mechanical investing methodology to my then list of customers. 20 years later that same rules-based, non-discretionary investing process is still being used by self-directed investors.

    I used this system to win three out of four year-long investing contests run by an investing magazine between 1997 and 2002.

    My business, Share Wealth Systems has been helping 1000s of investors invest successfully in the stock market since June 1995.

    In September, 2016 my book was released, Blueprint to Wealth, Financial Freedom in 15 Minutes a Week.

    Kelvin Abrahams

    "I have enjoyed over a 20-year long association with Share Wealth Systems which I can summarise in a word “rewarding”.  Rewarding at several levels.

    •    First, it has been a learning journey for me, taking me from inexperienced punter to a more experienced trader then investor with some understanding about the unpredictability of the market and also the repeatability of the market’s behaviour.
    •    Second, I came to understand the concepts of risk and money management, initially applied in a rigorous way and later in a more whole of portfolio manner.
    •    Third, was the great support from SWS team which was always available to me whenever I felt the need for it.  The team always provided help, listened to my tales of woe, in a friendly non critical way.  This help allowed me to make the most elementary blunders but feel that I could return to the SWS team with my next problem and without embarrassment.
    •    The fourth, rewarding aspect of my association with SWS was to feel I was included in Gary Stone’s learning journey, benefiting from his research and entitled to use his knowledge and techniques.
    •    The final aspect of rewarding is that it has been financially rewarding."
    Alan Markham
    "I have been a member of the Share Wealth Systems family for over 20 years now and have used products, including Beyond Charts, the SPA system for the Australian market and now SPA3ETF for both the Australian and US markets.  Having been one of the 'early starters' it has been fantastic to see how everything has developed over this time.  I have always found the products straight forward to use and if any self-inflicted issues arise, Share Wealth Systems staff have always been very responsive in resolving my problems.

    The SPA3 Investor system is one of the latest and one of the best products ever.  You can use it in many different ways and keep it simple or more complicated if you choose.  The App for my iPhone provides buys and sells, so on those busy days or travelling days it is so easy to keep in touch with the market.

    I have looked at many different products over the years, mostly because someone is always trying to sell you something, but have not budged from my use of Share Wealth Systems. Keep up the great work."
    Here's the education that you will experience:
    •    A passive Nest Egg “Wait & Win” system, perfect for IRAs & 401(k)s, Super Funds, SIPPs and retirement investing for all age groups

    •    The Single Fund that has beaten nearly every other fund over the last 2+ decades, and why it should continue to do so into the future

    •    A Shortcut to instant knowledge and confidence for you from over two and a half decades of Gary Stone’s research and investing experience

    •    An easy to understand Nest Egg Alert! How much is Enough? It’ll be more than what you think…

    •    An insight into a Market Crash Protection System

    •    The Core/Satellite Investing Approach

    •    A fully-documented ready-to-go Investment Plan for the “Wait & Win strategy
    that can be tailored to you. 
                 o     A Plan that you and the rest of your family can use for life
                     o     A Plan that can deliver 100s of $1000s more than diversified
                &  balanced 401(k)s funds, industry & retail Super
    funds and Pension Plans around the world

    •    3 Lessons on how to Lock in the Right Mindset so you can become a Vigilant, Consistent and Cool-headed investor, no matter what the market throws at you

    •    3 Lessons on Picking the Right Investment Vehicle for you…because you need to know what suits you to achieve your own investment goals, not somebody else’s

    •    The 5 Step Performance Benchmark… to see how poorly your current retirement and other long-term investments are performing and how unlikely they are to be able to provide the retirement you deserve

    •    2 Lessons on the spectrum of generic Investing Strategies according to Timeframe, and Picking the Right Strategy for you. This module alone is worth 100s of hours of saved effort doing the learning and research yourself

    •    Access to a Community with whom you can collaborate about your investing journey
    Plus… Five Fantastic Bonuses to ease and speed up your learning…

    You will receive at least $9,000 of value, but more like many thousands more over the rest of your investing lifetime through far better returns with the “Wait & Win” Strategy…
    …for just $297
    Imagine what it will mean to have control over your investments and your financial future and really live the life you deserve in retirement.
    Want bonuses? You got it.
    Registering for The Blueprint to Wealth Investors Club will not only give you access to all six modules (15 lessons), with video tutorials, transcripts, slide decks and exercises, but you'll also get these bonuses, for free. Including...
    Online copy of my book.
    Value $12. You can use the book, Blueprint to Wealth: Financial Freedom in 15 Minutes a Week, to reference years of research and learn so much more about investing and investing in the stock market.
    Unlimited VIP Email Access for 6 months.
    Value, at least $497. You’ll be able to ask any question you like, not just to do with the online course, but anything about investing in the stock market. You can tap into decades of investing research and experience right across my team, not just mine.
    Access to my fortnightly coaching Webinars for 6 months.
    Value, $997 plus. At least 10 hours of additional learning and coaching. These coaching and Market Status Update webinars are well-attended eUGMs (electronic User Group Meetings) that I have been conducting for over a decade. These webinars are exclusively reserved for our customers who pay $900, or more, a year for our high-end products and services.
    Access to a SECOND fully documented and Fully-editable
    Investment Plan.
    Value, $2,497 plus. This is the TIMING Investment Plan with Protection from Stock Market Crashes. Just the hours required to write this Plan would consume $997. But the prerequisite investing knowledge, experience and research to compile this Plan is 100s of hours of effort. You get it as a very high value bonus for buying this course to edit and use as a template to your heart’s desire.
    A 21-day Trial to Beyond Charts technical analysis software.
    Value, $63.75 plus. A fully functional software charting package with many 10s of indicators and BCFL, a scripting Formula Language that is compatible with MSFL. End of Day stock market data will be automatically pushed to your computer for 21 days for you to fully test this powerful charting software.
    My Personal 100% Satisfaction
    Buy It Back Guarantee
    Guarantee #1:
    Take action now, use the complete package for 90 days, wear the tires off the Investors Club, if you aren’t 100% satisfied with your investment, then I’ll give you your money back.

    Guarantee #2:
    If you don’t like the service and support you receive as a member of the Investors Club, same guarantee: 100% of your money back!
    Yes, TWO GUARANTEES because I know once you use your Investors Club membership, you’ll see transformation, understanding and powerful results.
    That's how absolutely positive I am that the Blueprint to Wealth Investors Club will revolutionize the way you view investing, transform your long-term investing perspective — as well as give you a clear path to long-term market success...
    What Are You Waiting For?
    Click the button now and you will get instant access to the "Blueprint to Wealth Investors Club" and value of over $9,000 for just $297.
    Here's what our customers have to say....

    Gary Williamson

    “I think you guys do a brilliant job and you really do change peoples’ lives by the way.”

    Alan J.

    “An excellent way to learn financial literacy and skills to manage an individual's financial future.”

    Robert T.

    “I have had a great experience in the months that I have been a member. I wish I had found it years ago.”


    “While not all of the information was new to me, it was presented in such a concise way that it’s prompted me to take action where other courses/books have not. This is huge for us… Big changes on the way from completing the course.”

    John W.

    “Gary's Blueprint to Wealth Investors Club Course has helped me greatly and I am using it to help me plan and execute my Investment Plan for my retirement. I strongly recommend it to others…”

    Graeme Scully

    "What continually impresses me is the dedication to on-going improvement; both from a process and performance basis."

    Des Rigby

    "After investigating several investment systems, what really attracted me to Share Wealth Systems was that they operate a real money portfolio which is a true test of any system."
    FAQ's, your questions answered
    How long will it take to complete the online course?
    The 15 short learning-loaded lessons about investing, packaged into 6 modules, should take you no longer than 5 hours to complete.
    How long can I have access to the Investors Club for?
    The course material and the bonuses of the coaching webinar attendance and VIP Email support are available for 6 months from date of enrolment.

    There is just under 5 hours of online course training and between 10 & 12 hours of live webinar coaching available during the 6 months.
    Can I extend my enrolment beyond 6 months?
    Yes, you can. There is an additional cost of $197 for an additional 6 months. This will continue your access to the fortnightly coaching and Market Status Update webinars.
    How do I know that the suggested investing paths will work better than the path I'm on?
    Basically, from 28 years of research and experience.

    What I have found is that the first of the two investment paths covered in the online course, the “Wait & Win” path…

    …has performed better than Warren Buffett’s listed investment company Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A) since this particular investment vehicle became available to everyday investors in May 1995.

    And Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway has outperformed just about every 401(k), active diversified & balanced mutual fund, Pension Plan, Industry or Retail Super fund over this same period.

    It has also way outperformed all major stock market indices, including the S&P500 Total Return and the ASX200 Accumulation indices over this period.

    That’s nearly a quarter of a century of demonstrated outperformance.

    And digging deeper I have found that the particular investing vehicle used by the “Wait & Win” strategy has been outperforming the major stock market benchmarks going back to 1926!

    BTW, I only discovered this after 2013 when I started work on my book, Blueprint to Wealth…

    …and have been gobsmacked that NO investment advisers, financial planners or industry experts that I have raised this with even know about the massive outperformance achieved by this “Wait & Win” process…

    … nor the ease with which EVERYBODY can invest in this investment vehicle.
    How did you discover this investment path when it is so little known.  And why is it so little known?
    It is so little-known because:

    1.    There is nothing in it, in the way of fees, for investment advisers, financial planners, 401(k) plan providers, Super funds and pension plans around the world.
    2.    The financial fraternity’s solution focus is on how to manage multiple billions of dollars, not on an individual’s requirements of a few 10s or 100s or 1000s of dollars.

    I discovered it via research for my book, Blueprint to Wealth, conducted through the dual prism of seeking and formulating a solution for my customers, who are individuals not large funds; and for myself.

    The drive came from the creative process of writing a book, which was prefaced by listening to my customers’ requirements, many of whom have been using our investing solutions for many years, some over 20 years.

    And, because this is what I do, I have the luxury of extreme focus, time, knowledge and experience to keep seeking, researching, qualifying until the Ah-ha discovery was made.
    I am aware that you have more sophisticated self-directed investing products & services. Is there an upgrade price to these products from the Investors Club?
    Yes, there is. The price that you pay for enrolment to the Investors Club is deducted from the website price for our other products.
    Is there a money-back guarantee and how do I claim it?
    Yes, there is a 100% money back guarantee. We ask that you let us know within 90 days of enrolment that you would like to enact this guarantee and we’ll gladly give you your money back. Simply email the Support email address that you will be provided with after enrolling.
    How do I ask questions and how quickly will I get a response?
    You can either ask a question within each Module on the platform for all current and future attendees to see. Or you can email our team with the dedicated support email address that you are provided with after you enrol. You will typically get a response on the same day and seldom beyond 24 hours.
    © Copyright 2018  - All Rights Reserved, Share Wealth Systems