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"I thoroughly enjoyed the course learning a lot even as someone who has been investing for over 20 years and would be encouraging my young children to also take up this course and study your book to set them up for life."
- Kamran M
"Amazing information at a cost that everyone can afford. Financial knowledge is a must in this age. Always has been i suppose. We can spend nearly 1900 hours a year working for someone else at a reasonable hourly rate, but if you take this on board and be patient( Make it a 5 year plan) then the sky is the limit! The best investment is in your own Personal Development and learning new skills. This does both! Well done Gary and Crew!"
- Doug N
"Easy to follow and it addresses the noise from Professionals as to why individuals can’t do it themselves. A structured plan, which takes away any emotion from decision making."
- Colin S

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 You're in charge with our 
“Wait & Win” strategy
Sit back with the potential for 13% Annual Returns*
...that's double the median returns of Super Funds, plus you are paying a tenth of the fees
*Our “Wait & Win” strategy has generated 13% compounded annual returns 
for the last 10 years (through August 2020). 
It's time to take your retirement off autopilot.
Whether your money is invested with brokers, financial planners, 
or industry Super funds...it’s unlikely you've achieved a 13% annualised return.

Do you know the criteria these funds or brokerages use to allocate your investments? 

By joining our Blueprint to Wealth Investors Club, you'll take back control of your investments and discover a strategy that takes about an hour, per quarter.

This same strategy outperforms most managed funds, 
financial planners, and Supers.   

You'll also learn how to become a skilled and patient investor 
for the rest of your investing lifetime. 
Welcome To The
Blueprint to Wealth Investors Club
What's inside...
  • ​​15 Video Lessons & 6 Modules to Teach You How to Choose The Right Approach For You
  • ​Transcripts, Audios and Slide Decks For Each Lesson
  • Unlimited LIVE Webinars with Our Expert Investors 
  • Unlimited Email Support for All Your Questions​
The Support and Training You Need 
To Reach Your Financial Goals 
Imagine managing your own stock market portfolio, 
with clarity and peace-of-mind around every decision you make.

Imagine following a process that has led to 
an average of 13 percent returns*, year after year. 

Join the Blueprint to Wealth Investors Club today and 
take back control of your financial future.

We offer a 90-day 100% money-back guarantee—no questions asked.
*While past performance doesn't guarantee future returns, our “Wait & Win” strategy has generated 
13% compounded annual returns for the last 10 years (through August 2020). 
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