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Become part of the Blueprint to Wealth Investors Club and you'll be joining a community of like-minded self-directed investors with a goal of long-term investing success via the stock market that beats managed and mutual funds, and the stock market indices.
You’ll receive financial education that is changing peoples’ lives and transforming theirs and their family’s investing perspective for the better, forever.

And I'll be right there alongside you to guide you each step of the way. As your investing process designer and as your instructor.

Why is this different to everything else you've seen?

You see, I dislike complexity when investing in the stock market and believe in the KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid) approach that anybody with the right knowledge, tools and right mindset can do.  

Others confuse the simple process of what to buy and when to sell with time-consuming company analysis, complex indicators, overcrowded charts and endless market jargon that you need a PHD to decipher.  

It took your instructor over two and a half decades of research and investing experience to arrive at a straightforward and focused process of ongoing profitable investing that can truly be executed by the everyday investor in either of two approaches, depending on where you are on your investing journey:

1.    A “Wait & Win” strategy that can be executed with just 15 minutes a quarter of effort, or
2.    A slightly more active strategy that minimizes SORRI, Sequence Of Returns RIsk, as you mature, in just 15 minutes a week of effort, or less.

Although it will appear complex behind the scenes to the unlearned eye, I have simple alerts that dictate my every move in the market, in an easy to follow, effective manner that you can also use.

That way there’s never any second-guessing or hesitation with my investing decision-making.

It makes investing completely unemotional, structured, orderly and precise, leaving more time for doing the other things in life that really matter.

With this game-changing training, you’ll make shift happen in your investing life…

Here's the education that you will experience:
  • A Nest Egg (passive) system, perfect for IRAs & 401(k)s, Super Funds, SIPPs and retirement investing for all age groups
  • The Single Fund that has beaten nearly every other fund over the last 2 decades, and why it should continue to do so into the future
  • A Shortcut to instant knowledge and confidence for you from over two and a half decades of my research and investing experience
  • An easy to understand session on Nest Egg Alert! How much is Enough?
  • An insight into our Market Crash Protection System
  • The Core/Satellite Investing Approach
  • A fully-documented ready-to-go Investment Plan for the “Wait & Win strategy that can be tailored to you.  A Plan that you and the rest of your family can use for life
  • 3 Lessons on how to Lock in the Right Mindset so you can become a Vigilant, Consistent and Cool-headed investor, no matter what the market throws at you
  • 3 Lessons on Picking the Right Investment Vehicle for you…because you need to know what suits you to achieve your own investment goals, not somebody else’s.
  • The 5 Step Performance Benchmark… to see how poorly your current retirement and other long-term investments are performing and how unlikely they are to be able to provide the retirement you deserve
  • Access to a Community with whom you can collaborate about your investing journey
  • Bonus One - VIP unlimited email support – all your questions answered promptly
  • Bonus Two, as presented live by Gary Stone:
              - Ongoing monthly coaching webinars
              - Ongoing monthly stock market index analysis
  • Bonus Three – an electronic color copy of my book Blueprint to Wealth, Financial Freedom in 15 Minutes a Week
  • Bonus Four – A second fully-documented Investment Plan, an editable version of Iain’s Investment Plan
You will receive at least $4,700 of value, but more like many thousands more over your investing lifetime, for just $297.

Imagine what it will mean to have control over your investments and your financial future and really live the life you deserve.
Here’s What People Are Saying:
Gary Williamson
“I think you guys do a brilliant job and you really do change peoples’ lives by the way.”
Scott A.
“I appreciate what you have provided. It has allowed me to retire at 50 and invest and live with confidence towards the future.”
Trevor Lock
“My objective now is to get my two 30-something children to "move their legs" in the same direction before it's too late.

Your course should be a High School, University or College core/compulsory subject. It's what's needed by the "ordinary Joe" to get themselves on the right track to achieve a comfortable retirement and obviously, the sooner they start then the easier it'll be.”
Alan J.
“An excellent way to learn financial literacy and skills to manage an individual's financial future.”
Robert T.
“I have had a great experience in the months that I have been a member. I wish I had found it years ago.”
“While not all of the information was new to me, it was presented in such a concise way that it’s prompted me to take action where other courses/books have not. This is huge for us… Big changes on the way from completing the course.”
John W.
“Gary's Blueprint to Wealth Investors Club Course has helped me greatly and I am using it to help me plan and execute my Investment Plan for my retirement. I strongly recommend it to others…”

Graeme Scully 

"What continually impresses me is the dedication to on-going improvement; both from a process and performance basis."

Des Rigby

"After investigating several investment systems, what really attracted me to Share Wealth Systems was that they operate a real money portfolio which is a true test of any system."
100% Money Back Guarantee

My Personal 100% Satisfaction Buy It Back Guarantee 

Guarantee #1: Take action now, use the complete package for 90 days, wear the tires off the Investors Club, if you aren’t 100% satisfied with your investment, then I’ll give you your money back.

Guarantee #2: If you don’t like the service and support you receive as a member of the Investors Club, same guarantee: 100% of your money back!

This is because I know once you use your Investors Club membership, you’ll see transformation, understanding and powerful results.

That's how absolutely positive I am that the Blueprint to Wealth Investors Club will revolutionize the way you view investing, transform your long-term investing perspective — as well as give you a clear path to long-term market success...
What Are You Waiting For?
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