Finally, explore a real-life Case Study of how a self-directed investor grew a
real-money ASX portfolio by 54% in 2019.
And then how brilliantly and easily the profits were protected before the Coronavirus COVID-19 Crash of Q1 2020.

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  • How an objective Investment Process Helped Me Manage A  Real-money Portfolio To A 71.7% Gain Over 13.5 Months
           o  No Leverage Was Used Investing In Large-Cap Household Name Stocks
  • ​How this Investment Process Helped Protect These Profits in Q1 2020 To Just 11.3% Drawdown, Less Than Hostplus Balanced Fund
  • ​How You Can Use The Same Process To Manage Your Portfolio In Just 15 Minutes A Week, Regardless Of Your Current Stock Market Skill
  • Why Buying Shares Is Easy, But Knowing When To Exit Is So Much Harder (Most Investors Get This Wrong)
  • How To Make Your Money Work Harder For You – No More Idle Cash Doing Nothing When The Market Next Sky-rockets
  • ​How To Manage Short Term Market Volatility & Uncertainty To Avoid Large Loss Trades
  • ​How To Overcome The ‘Noise’ Of The News Media That Can Kill Your Portfolio
  • ​How To Be Ready For The Next Bull Market: Be Armed To Know When To Buy
  • ​(And Other Surprising Traits The Financial Fraternity Don’t Want You To Know)
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